Department of Biotechnology
Government of India


Documents / Information to be kept ready before completing the online DBT-RA application

  1. Active Email ID.
  2. Self-attested pdf copy of DOB certificate (eg, X Marks card).
  3. Active mobile number.
  4. Self-attested pdf copies of degree certificates.
  5. If PhD/MD/MS (Medical) degree certificate is not available, a pdf copy of provisional award certificate/proof of thesis submission certificate from Registrar/Controller of Examinations is required. Certificate issued from any other authority in this regard is not acceptable.
  6. PhD Supervisor's Email ID.
  7. PhD Supervisor's Mobile number.
  8. Brief Synopsis of PhD/MD/MS Thesis (250 words maximum).
  9. List of Research Publications with Impact Factor (ISI only). DOI of a Publication should be entered correctly, without using any extra character. For example, the correct way of entering the DOI of a publication is 10.1101/sqb.1900.018.01.020 and NOT 10.1101/sqb.1900.018.01.020. or If DOI is not available, enter '0'. The applicant should enter his/her name in CAPITAL letters in the Authors' list of a publication, and the names of co-authors should be in SMALL letters.
  10. List of Patents, if available.
  11. Title of the Proposed Research work.
  12. Summary of the Proposed research work with background, rationale of the study, hypothesis, and objectives (500 words maximum).
  13. Proposed Mentor’s Designation.
  14. Proposed Mentor’s Email ID.
  15. Proposed Mentor’s Mobile number.
  16. Name and date of joining of DBT-RA currently working with your proposed Mentor, if any.
  17. PDF copy of Consent Letter from the proposed Mentor in this format.
  18. Enter name, address, mobile number, and email ID of two referees in the online application, send links to them by Clicking the “Submit” button. Your referees could be your thesis supervisor and other Professor/Employer with whom you’ve had a close working relationship. It is responsibility of the candidates to make sure that the referees have uploaded and submitted pdf copies of the recommendation letters online, using the links emailed to them by the candidates. The DBT-RA office is unable to accept recommendation letters via email or post.
  19. No hard copy of the application is required.
  20. Candidates in the NE-stream are those whose permanent residences are located in the NER, and they can work anywhere in the country.
  21. Candidates in the N-stream are those whose permanent residences are located in rest of the country, and they can work anywhere in the country.